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Two days in Berlin

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So here I am. After a 8 hour car ride with my dad I arrived in Berlin 2 days ago. Berlin is pretty impressive at first sight. Tall immersive apt. blocks, skyscrapers, malls, stations. It’s a lot to take in at first.

Where I live

My dad was going to stay with me for the first two days since I’m only starting tomorrow and help set some things up, whilst also enjoying the city in a short timeframe. Those two days were two of the best in my life. We never really went on a trip, let alone do something just the two of us for so long, so it was very cool to actually bond a bit more while looking at the Reichstag or trying to figure out where the fuck we could find the Bürgeramt in the concrete jungle that is Mitte.


As a prospection of where I’m going to work we took the U-Bahn (subway) to Espi (Edenspiekermann) and were pretty amazed about the megalomania that West Berlin displays. Cool thing is though, everything here looks huge but feels ‘intuitive’ and not at all frightening to someone coming from a small medieval town like Brugge.

Brandenburger Tor Bundestag

While randomly walking about we already stumbled on some of the most prominent and popular hotspots for tourists:

Denkmal The gumwall

Tomorrow is my first day as an intern at Espi. Super excited to finally see what the office is like and to meet everyone and get my first tasks assigned. Bis bald!

Bullet Journal Sketch

Thibault Maekelbergh
#devinehowest student interning at Edenspiekermann. Excited to see how events unfold during these three months in the city of my beloved techno.

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