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Coming soon…

Today I’m standing before a new, exciting, yet also slightly terrifying, adventure and major milestone in my life.
Exactly 1 month from now I’ll be moving to Berlin for 3 months as part of an internship for Devine.

I’ll be taking on the role of internship creative developer at the awesome agency, Edenspiekermann. Honestly, I’m thrilled to try and prove my skills in the field. I’ve freelanced at other companies before, but the fact that I’m going to work at a company carrying the name of one of the world’s best designers and typographers is still mind-boggling to me.

But really, at the same time I’m also anxious as fuck. I’m a domestic person, I love my home and I’m never on my own. It’s frightening to realize that one month from now I’ll have to figure out everything for myself without the help of my relatives or friends.
Then of course there is also the fact that trying to rent a place is near to impossible. Berlin has become the defacto place for young people to move to, making it all the harder to try and get something that’s within range, price and quality.
I mean, 30 days from now I’ll be going to Berlin and as to this date my current residence is: “under a bridge”.

But I’ll be fine I guess. This blog was quickly set up to keep my relatives up-to-date on everything and also to keep myself busy and actually write more (2017 resolution). Even though I’m scared, I bet this blog will be filled with awesome pictures of hotspots, obscure record finds, new things I learnt at work and new friends I made…

Thibault Maekelbergh
#devinehowest student interning at Edenspiekermann. Excited to see how events unfold during these three months in the city of my beloved techno.